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the home ball®

Thanks to our years of experience and analysis of feedback on the games organized by our team (events, seminars, interventions in schools, leisure centers, Home Ball competitions), we have developed numerous challenges, mini-games & exercises suitable for all ages and audiences.

Frim individual challenges where each player fights against the clock and team challenges to promote group cohesion, there is something for everyone. Sports instructors, teachers, coaches… you won’t be able to do without them! The icing on the cake is that we have condensed all this content into a free educational workbook!

HOME BALL® mini-games

The Home Ball® Mini-Games have been designed to develop certain gaming skills such as shooting precision, decision-making or even team play through small, fun activities. They are very simple to set up and require very little material.

Make the most of the benefits provided by your equipment and unite your audiences with our mini-games!

HOME BALL® challenges

Developed by our teams, Home Ball® challenges allow you to develop the competitive spirit of your audiences and federate them around small challenges with variable objectives (a maximum of points in a defined time, the best time for a number of specific actions, etc.). They are very simple to understand and everyone can participate!


To help you organize Home Ball® matches and tournaments (Football, Handball and Wheelchair Handball), we have created match sheets, scoresheets and tournament tables. Using these documents, you will be able to organize tournaments for up to 40 teams.

Count the points, note the progress of the teams from pool phases through to the finals! Organize a real tournament using professional rules!

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